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Change conception &

Conflicts are an important step towards the best solution:
conceptualising, planning, and implementing change processes via workshops, storytelling, animation, and more.

Use Cases

apetito AG
Implementation of an internal quality standard
Realisation of events regarding qualification
Implementation of change management topics

AviationPower GmbH
Value-based development and implementation of guiding principles
Steering of the change process via workshops and coachings with the management team

Vaillant Group
Steering of extensive digital change projects including implementiation via story, trainings, workshops, and animations

Brezelbäckerei Ditsch GmbH
Conception of the change process with ensuing training sessions
Development of the core story for the intended change

Walbusch GmbH & Co. KG
Analysis and value-based conception of the implementation of a cross-company approach to thought and action
Conception and realisation of trainings, workshops, and marketing actions for cross-hierarchical implementation

Wilo SE
Development and implementation of novel training concepts (online and offline) by steering the change process via conception and realisation of an integrative train-the-trainier qualification