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While the template needs to be set up, the individual has to be involved:
taking along the team during IT change, establishing new cross-functional teams, suitably imparting tools to the end user: the interface between human and system determines the success of a transformation.

Package 1

Successfully imparting user knowledge

A rollout can only be successful if staff members are able to actually use the applications in the end.

In an integrative training process, staff members involved in the project create the relevant training material themselves and train their colleagues – in close cooperation with and under quality assurance through us.

This way, all knowledge related to the IT solution stays within the company and your staff members become multiplicators of the user knowledge.

Package 2

Establishing and enabling new teams

During digital transformation projects, diverse groups of people are often assembled into new teams: new roles, new challenges, new tasks arise. A customised enablement with team-specific setups ensures the rollout‘s success – and supports all staff members‘ development towards excellence. This way, the IT change becomes a driving force for skill acquirement.

Package 3

Driving Force
Convincing and assuring with the right change story

„Digital transformation“ – as a key word, this can mean many things. What it means to your company should be clear to everyone. A change story narrating your vision therefore establishes the sound basis of internal and external communication. Via stringent change communication, staff members are taken along right from the start while being updated continuously and transparently. As a leader, you are additionally applying this tool within the framework of „positive leading“.